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President Trump defends video making false claims about the coronavirus

A video retweeted by President Trump, which made false claims about the coronavirus, was deleted from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Tuesday. Paula Reid reports.

Trump's national security adviser tests positive for COVID-19

President Trump's national security adviser Robert OaBrien is in quarantine after testing positive for the coronavirus. This comes as Mr. Trump touts progress in the race for a vaccine during a trip to battleground state North Carolina. Ben Tracy reports.

Moderna coronavirus vaccine begins phase 3 trial with 30,000 participants

The Moderna vaccine phase three trial is underway with 30,000 people taking part. Half will receive the vaccine and the rest will get a placebo. Meg Oliver has the details.

Media mogul Tyler Perry on aCamp Quarantinea production and helping others

Actor, director, writer and producer Tyler Perry joins "CBS This Morning" to give a behind-the-scenes look at the precautions in place to keep cast and crew members safe while filming at his studio amid the coronavirus outbreak. Tyler Perry Studios is one of the first studios in the country to resume production during the pandemic.

White House press secretary discusses the president's controversial comments on COVID-19

As U.S. COVID-19 deaths near 150,000, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss President Trump's controversial comments on hydroxychloroquine, which has been deemed not effective by medical professionals, and his retweeting of a video that contains mixed messaging on masks.

Federal "red zone" of severe outbreaks expands to 21 states

Cases continue to rise throughout the U.S. and attempted starts and restarts of professional sports are put in jeopardy.

Eye Opener: Trump promotes coronavirus misinformation

President Trump has been accused of spreading misinformation after promoting a video of doctors sharing false claims about the coronavirus that has since been removed by Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Also, the CEOs of Alphabet, Apple, Facebook and Amazon will face a congressional panel in an antitrust hearing Wednesday. All that and all that matters in today's Eye Opener. Your world in 90 seconds.

Attorney General Barr defends sending federal agents to protests across country

Attorney General William Barr defended the administration's decision to send federal agents to protests in cities across the country. Democrats pushed back and questioned his motives in a heated hearing before the House Judiciary Committee. Nancy Cordes reports.

Pennsylvania health secretary responds to transphobic attacks

Dr. Rachel Levine addresses the constant stream of mockery and abuse directed toward her on social media and elsewhere.

Study identifies 6 different "types" of COVID-19

The six categories are defined by different clusters of symptoms, and some patients in some groups are much more likely to need ventilators.

FDA expands list of potentially deadly hand sanitizers

Disinfectant products include wood alcohol methanol, which can be poisonous if absorbed through the skin.

Millions face homelessness as eviction moratorium ends

The future is uncertain for more than 12 million households as a moratorium on evictions from federally-assisted properties expires. Adriana Diaz reports.

National Institutes of Health director on coronavirus trials and vaccine development

The National Institutes of Health is the nation's medical research agency and next week it will launch an unprecedented effort to help find a cure for COVID. NIH director Francis Collins joins "CBS Evening News" with more on "Operation Warp Speed," which aims to deliver 300 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine by January 2021.

FDA recalls 75 brands of hand sanitizer

The FDA warns 75 brands of hand sanitizer may be making people sick, or even causing death if ingested. Kris Van Cleave reports.

Bill Gates on the U.S. handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine misinformation

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation focuses on public health and has committed more than $350 million for the development of vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics in the fight against the coronavirus. Bill Gates joined "CBS Evening News" with more on the U.S.' pandemic response and the progress of finding a vaccine.

Kim Kardashian West addresses Kanye's mental health

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West made a public plea for compassion on behalf of her husband Kanye West. This comes after a public outburst over the weekend at a presidential rally in South Carolina. Jericka Duncan reports.

Biden and Obama team up to take aim at Trump's coronavirus response

Former Vice President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama met face to face for the first time in months to release a campaign video. They take turns hitting President Trump over his response to the coronavirus pandemic. Ed O'Keefe reports.

Texas judge orders county shutdown, but governor says it's unenforceable

A judge in Texas issued a stay-at-home order in his county even though Governor Greg Abbott says it's not enforceable. This comes as cases climb to critical levels in that state and in California, where the coronavirus is disproportionately affecting the Latino communities. Mireya Villarreal reports.

Coronavirus relief bill negotiations continue as benefits set to expire

The federal jobless benefits Congress approved in April -- an extra $600 per person each week-- are about to expire as COVID-19 cases surge throughout the country. Details of a followup bill have yet to be worked out, but Congress did not meet on Saturday, and the president spent the afternoon golfing. Paula Reid reports.

Trump under fire for promoting false COVID-19 claims on Twitter

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accused President Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr., of peddling false information about the virus. Twitter is temporarily suspending Don Jr.'s account for sharing a video promoting hydroxychloroquine as a potential treatment for the coronavirus. Ben Tracy reports.

Washington Nationals manager "scared" by Miami Marlins virus outbreak

As the number of infections reportedly hits 13, MLB commissioner says owners haven't yet considered canceling or suspending the season.

Kim Kardashian West urges compassion for Kanye over mental health disorder

Psychiatrist Dr. Sue Varma discusses bipolar disorder and mental health after Kim Kardashian West asks for compassion and empathy surrounding Kanye's bipolar diagnosis.

Philly reverses school reopening plan after fierce opposition

School district officials are proposing students continue virtual learning at least through November instead of a hybrid in-class and virtual learning plan.

Florida reports new daily record of coronavirus deaths

The Florida Department of Health reported 186 new deaths due to COVID-19 on Tuesday.

COVID-19 vaccine testing now underway with 30,000 volunteers

Every month through fall, the government-funded COVID-19 Prevention Network will roll out a new study of a leading vaccine candidate a each with 30,000 new volunteers.

COVID-19 surges in several states leave businesses struggling

As coronavirus outbreaks continue to pop up around the country, local leaders are again closing or limiting some business operations to slow the spread at the urging of health experts. But those rollbacks, paired with people's aversions to crowds and high-risk areas, are taking a toll on businesses. David Begnaud reports.

Hospice care company accused of pressuring employees to make in-person sales calls amid pandemic

A proposed class action lawsuit against the nation's largest hospice care provider is raising questions about who exactly is considered "essential" during the pandemic. The suit claims sales employees at VITAS Healthcare were encouraged to make in-person sales calls to medical facilities, even with strict no-visitor policies. It also claims the sales employees were not an "essential" part of the company's services, and that they were encouraged to practice behavior that put lives at risk in search of boosting profits during the pandemic. Anna Werner reports.

Time for a will? Important estate planning decisions to consider during the pandemic

The pandemic is putting estate planning into focus. CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger explains on "CBS This Morning" why having a will, health care proxy and power of attorney documents are so important right now.

New beginning for artist struggling amid COVID-19

Artist Ralph Serrano was unable to find work when the coronavirus pandemic spread through New York City. Serrano decided to move back to Puerto Rico, having to leave much of his art behind. Discovered among the trash, his paintings found new homes and Ralph found new hope in his career. Anthony Mason reports

How does coronavirus spread? When will a vaccine be available? Your questions, answered

Here are answers to some of your questions about COVID-19 as the U.S. sees a spike in new cases.